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The Space…


WOW!  I am very new to this digital media space and I’ve got to tell you – I LIKE IT!  The individuals that I am stumbling across have the most diverse and interesting backgrounds ever.  It just so happens that each and every one of them is adorable (I mean that with the utmost respect).  Their profile pictures are full of life, energy and joy.  It probably helps that the group I’m looking at all reside in New York.  What a life they must lead; all the hustle and bustle of the city, the never ending activities they can participate in, and for most, probably their first taste of life away from “home”.  Often times when I have visited the city, I’ve wondered, as I’ve passed people on the street, “Where are they going?” “Where do they work?”  ”What brought them to the city?”  As I talk with them and get to know many of them, the answers to those questions are no longer a mystery.  Thank you, to all of those who have welcomed me into your cool digital world.