Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce presentation


I had the dubious pleasure of providing a great group of individuals with tips and techniques on leveraging their network and building their online brand today.  I would like to thank Ashley Folladori, Senior Manager, Workforce Development, JAXUSA Partnership, a Division of JAX Chamber, for the invitation to present.

We focused on LinkedIn and maximizing the offerings primarily, but also discussed blogging and a few other social media options and processes.  I was so pleased to read the feedback surveys when I returned home today.   To all the participants at the meeting, thank you!  For some of you it was our first meeting, for others our second or third.  I received the sweetest compliment from two previous attendees.  They both said it was better the second time around because due to our first meeting, they had exposure to LinkedIn.  I couldn’t be happier!

I have personal messages to a few of you:

Toi – Thank you!  I am going to hold you to your feedback and check your LinkedIn profile in a week to see how you’re doing. 🙂

Michael – Thank you for the kind words about my presentation skills.  As I hope you can tell, I am passionate about what I do.  If there is anyway I can be a resource for you, don’t hesitate to ask!

Bernadette – You are so sweet!  Thank you for saying that my energy is a driver for the audience to take action.  That is exactly the hope when I participate with groups like this.  Success!

Milly – Thank you for the kind words!  I’m glad you felt the presentation was engaging 🙂

Dylan (my new LinkedIn connection) – I appreciate your feedback.  There is definitely certain etiquette when reaching out to 2nd and 3rd level connections!  I’m glad it made sense!

Ann – Thank you!  I agree that the end of the day is a tough time to keep people’s attention and I so appreciate you felt that with my energy and enthusiasm I was able to do that!

Dan – Thank you for sitting through it again and letting me know you got more out of it this time!

To the anonymous participant who wrote: “This presentation was by far more valuable than (_____).  It was appropriate, timely and too short.  I could have listened to and learned from Tamara for another hour.”  Wow – thank you from the bottom of my heart.  If I can answer any questions or be a resource for you in the future let me know.

To everyone else who provided feedback, I send my sincere gratitude.  You truly help me improve my message and stay relevant so that I can (hopefully) help people like you!  I also hope that all the participants take one or two pointers and implement them – if they do, they will see a whole new world of networking and personal branding opportunities.

Many of the participants were seasoned professionals with solid tenure prior to economic driven job loss.  I’ve been there and certainly understand the challenges.  For those participants who may be reading this; I’m sending good vibes to each of you, the best of wishes for great opportunities to come your way, and an energetic boost to help you enhance your online presence.  I can’t wait to read your blogs and be a resource for you whenever I can!

As you may know by now, I am a firm believer that what you think about, you bring about…..so keep participating in workshops, asking questions, and reaching out to others!  Good things are coming your way 🙂

I’ll be waiting for invitations from all of you to connect on LinkedIn (don’t forget the personal note)!


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