Stop complaining already….


I know we all have struggles. I know we all face challenges. I get it. I have absolutely been there myself. If you, however, are one of those unfortunate individuals who can not seem to “catch a break”, please read this and pass it on to others in the same boat. I have a message, some insight, a little advice, call it whatever you’d like; but stop complaining already. There, I said it.

You have to make things happen, make things better, make things work. If you haven’t been able to catch a break it’s possible that your mitt isn’t large enough. The “breaks” ARE out there, trust me. You have to go after them, ask for them, research them, and take them. It’s so easy to do nothing and even easier to let every little bump in the road keep you down. It takes work, a good attitude, even some prayers to get things going in the right direction.

But what if you just don’t have the drive or the will? Find someone around you who does! Feed off their energy, let them give you guidance, learn from them. Get off the couch and step away from Farmville and do something. Get your tail to the gym, or start networking to find that next opportunity, attend community events, eat healthier – Whatever it is, go grab your “break” by the cahones and get it done.

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